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Default Iphone audio voice-over?


I got an Iphone 8 XR for Christmas. I never had a smart phone before, so there's a steep learning curve.

I'll figure out the basics, but I'd like to ask those with more experience about recording audio, mixing and produciton with an Iphone.

First, I'd like to specify that I'M NOT trying to made a final mix or anything near a professional sounding track. I would like to use the Iphone as a sounding board, especially for adding vocal audio tracks to an instrumental.

I saw that the phone comes with a native App called Garage Band. I tried it out and managed to do what I wanted, but it was rather clunky and it seemed like this tool is for creating loops on top of loops (not really for recording on top of a long Mp3 file), with some user input. I just need something that to make an audio voice-over on top of an audio file.

What I would like to do is this:

1) Add an audio track (e.g. Mp3, M4A,...)
2) Plug a bluetooth (or not) headset with microphone (e.g. Logitech)
3) Select a region in the audio track
4) Press RECORD and sing various melody lines (e.g. as various 'takes').
5) Select the TAKE I like
6) Mix the tracks
7) Export to GoogleDrive or elsewhere

Just for your information, the method described above is how I create most melody lines for my songs. I listen to the instrumental version and 'brainstorm' by recording various vocal lines. At that point the lyrics don't matter so much, I'm just trying to find mouth/vocal sounds and melodies that 'fit' with the music and work well with my tone of voice. Once I have some vocal melodic ideas, I can then try to fit some lyrics over melodies. I find this technique helps to create vocal melodic lines that are 'more disconnected' from the instrumental song melodies. It is like having two brains having a complex dialogue, that than one brain struggling to break free from the body/mind connection. People who play guitar and sing understand what I'm talking about; it is hard to disconnect the two actions and creating vocal lines while playing the guitar normally yield some rather simple melodies that tend to mimic the guitar patters.

Anyway, sorry for making this longer than it should be been. I figure the more I give you information, the better you can point me in the right direction.

So, is there any Iphone APP solutions for me? I really don't need something with all the 'bells and whistles' I most likely don't need a PRO music production version that costs lots of money. I produce my song in Reaper


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Forget about anything bluetooth ... too much latencies and therefore not supported in serious music apps.

Get yourself an iPad/iPhone compatible audio interface, that has both mic input (preferably with phantom power) & headphone output, like an iRig Pro Duo.

Then use an iOS DAW ... but this becomes very challenging, because most serious music software is iPad only, not iPhone, where the display is just too small. A good example would be Cubasis (iOS version of Cubase), but I fear ... iPad only.

An alternative might be this:


But as with Garageband too, most iOS DAWs/recorders are limited to CD quality, though GB at least is now 24bit capable, but only at 44.1 kHz.
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There are dozens of audio recorders in the app store. The problem is, finding them. I'm using Apogee recorder, but that's probably not the best recorder around. For my use (recording ambient sounds) it is good.

Other interesting apps you might not discover on the appstore:

Mixlr (social broadcast player)
KLANG:app (ambiphonic player)
MARRS (mic position modelling calculator)
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