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Default Scaling the midi grid?

I played in some stuff and I'm happy with the timing but I want to add more - so I'd like to quantise my playing to grid lines.
At the moment the phrases last 11 grid lines - I want them to last 8 grid lines. I thought changing BPM might interactively scale the midi grid but it doesn't.
Does my question make sense or is there another way to skin this cat?
I don't want to slide dozens of notes by hand.
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Changing BPM does change the grid but the thing is, with default setting the MIDI changes (scales) also so it's not useful in your case.

But you can disable MIDI items following BPM via rightclick on MIDI item -> Item properties -> Properties... (the button at the bottom of the Media Item Properties dialog) -> tick "Ignore project tempo use..."

Also File -> Project Settings -> Timebase for items/envelopes/markers must be set to "Time" for it to work.

Here's a rundown of the procedure


and here my favorite method


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Hey nofish... thanks for that post...

It is something I've never actually needed nor thought about but cuz of this thread and your pointers I had to set up a test and have a run at it...

I did not need the tempo markers to get it done however...

after setting project time for item to time, I could set the grid to 1/1 [could be otherwise but did that for my test] and then could hold Alt and drag the item to cover the size desired in the arrange window and then in the ME could use Quantize all notes to grid, position only and kaboom... done.

Clearly I could imagine more complex situations but this was kewl to learn about... thanks again.
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Thanks - that's great - works well.

I still had to nudge hundreds of notes !
There's something about played in notes that's hard to preserve when snapped to grid, so it took me several attempts to get the balance right.
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