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Default pops&crackles with EZdrummer2

Since following advice about optimising a pc running windows10 when I first started recording with Reaper , I have never heard even a single pop or crackle when recording either my keyboards or guitar, even with the latency set to low on my Audient id22 which I have connected with optical in and out to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 second gen for extra in and outs. The only vst I had been using is SGear for my guitar.

I have just started using Ezdrummer2 and now when I try to record , say keyboard, I am getting pops and crackles even with latency set to safe. This seems to happen when Ezdrummer is open in Reaper but not if just using it in standalone mode.

I just read a thread on Toontrack forum from a few years ago with the same problem but not with reaper. It said I was fixed by a setting change, to do with vst wrappers, and was set to fixed size buffers for buggy plug ins, which means nothing to me !

So anyway, if anyone can tell me what to do to be crackle free, I would be very happy. Would installing more RAM help ? Is there a setting change I need to do in Reaper ?

My pc is an Acer E15 laptop with an i5-62000 2.3GHz and 8GB DDR4.
Hope someone can help, Mark in Sunny Wales.
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Are you running 32bit windows by any chance? The main difference in general is that EZD2 standalone generally runs in 32bit and the plugin runs in whatever reaper version you are uysing. For instance if you are in 64bit win10 and use 64bit Reaper the chances are that you may have issues due to reaper having to bridge the 32bit plugin.

Worth checking.
Oh, and welcome to the forums! since you have been here before I assume you already downloaded & checked out the free User Guide and had a look at some of the free vudeo tutorials? All at reaper.fm

If you still have a problem after trying the above suggestion, could you plst us your ASIO buffer settings.

Also, Focusrite recently released updated drivers for your interface. THAT would be my first "to do".

Update them.
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