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Default Plugin Alliance: Brainworx and Noveltech problems

I've searched through these forums and not found this specific issue:

I downloaded several plugins from Plugin Alliance: SPL DeVerb Plus, Brainworx Cleansweep, and Noveltech Vocal Enhancer. I've installed all of them, however Reaper only finds the SPL DeVerb. None of the others appear in the FX listing.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing several times, being careful to install to one of the folders listed in my VST Preferences path. No luck, still only seeing the SPL DeVerb. I've done Clear Cache/Rescan as well.

Digging deeper, when I look at my "reaper=vstplugins64.ini" file, there is something strange - the paths for the WORKING plugins look like this:
SPL_De_Verb_Plus.vst3=0071DA45274AD301,1306188935, SPL De-Verb Plus (Plugin Alliance)

While the paths for the NON-working plugins look like this:

Note the difference - the NON-working plugins are missing that second part after the commas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've spent hours and hours simply trying every different way to run the plugin install, and it's the same issue every single time.


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