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Default Markers thru oscii bot


I have two machines running, one laptop with reaper running backing tracks/ loops, and one pc rack running reaper for LiveFX mixing (voice fx, instruments).
I'd like the reaper "tracks" to send markers name/number (when cursor reach one on the timeline) to oscii bot, which send a goto marker to LiveFX reaper, with arbitrary number.
Eg: Reaper "tracks " play and reach a marker named "Verse"
oscii bot match and send a "goto marker 1" to LiveFX reaper
Then when Reaper "tracks " reach a marker named "Chorus"
oscii-bot match and send a "goto marker 2" to LiveFX reaper

I'm not a scripter but so far I've managed to edit osc template to only send markers info, and I've written a simple oscii-bot script (using example) that send a fixed marker number each time it receives a lastmarker osc message.
What I miss is the code to select match depending the marker number (or better, marker's name).

Here's the script:

// Marker configuration file

@input DAW_Reaper OSC "localhost:9000" // Input from DAW (Reaper)
@output LiveFX_Reaper OSC "localhost:8000" // Output to LiveFX machine (Reaper)



oscmatch("/lastmarker/number/str") ? // if marker x is last marker
oscsend(LiveFX_Reaper, "i/marker", 1); // send goto marker 1


Any one to provide the missing code?

So far I've tried without success:
oscmatch("/lastmarker/number/str") && oscparm(s) == 10 // if marker 10 is last marker

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