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Default Updating Reaper

Hello, I am trying to update Reaper for the first time. I did see a thread regarding updating. I used the standard install option. Reaper is in my Opt location. From the download page I chose open. I used open with archive manager default. I navigated to opt than Reaper than chose extract. I got file not extracted you do not have permission to extract to the opt directory. Any tip on what to do.
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Try running the install script just like the original install and it will install the new right over the old.
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I like to rename the old folder, and extract the new version
where I want. No big deal, but I experienced a regression once,
in the mid 3.x era, I believe. One temporary issue since
before V 2? Pretty high standard of coding!!!
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You don't need to extract the package to that directory. That is where the script installs Reaper but you can extract the package wherever you want. Try extracting it to your downloads folder or your desktop and then install it. Also double check your /opt folder permissions and the folder permissions of any of the Reaper folders in there. Archive manager may not be able to overwrite some of the files or folders.

First thing to try is just extract to a different location and let the script install it in the /opt folder. This will also keep your /opt folder clean of stuff that doesn't need to be there.

As @4duhwinnn mentioned, rename the old Reaper version in the /opt folder to [filename].old then you'll have something to roll back to if the other install doesn't work and keep the old install out of the way so you don't have any conflicting files
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