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Default Issues With ALSA Cutting Out During Session And Won't Return Until Reboot

Hello there,

I've been using Reaper with Linux for the past month or so, and one issue I've noticed with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface (Gen 2) is that I'll be in the middle of recording a session in Reaper, and all of a sudden I can't hear anything. This includes the audio being played back in Reaper, or recording monitoring.

However, I'm still able to hear the devices I plug into the input jack (synth, guitar into multifx going into the interface, etc) as I monitor directly with the headphone jack into the interface.

I think its an issue with ALSA just cutting out, and won't starting itself in Reaper until a reboot.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Or do I have to give up and use JACK?

I ask because I just wanted the easiest solution because I really don't find the idea of tweaking JACK to be fun. I just want it to be plug and play (even though I do dev stuff, I just would rather have fun making music than trying to get a damn device to work as it should --> frustrating as hell).


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What distro are you using, what kernel version, generic or low latency, and what ALSA settings (sample rate, block size, number of blocks) are you using in Reaper.

Do you notice any X runs happening? You would see an indication in Reaper's performance meter (open the meter, right click and select the option to show X runs).

Are you running a lot of plugins, are any of them bridged (Windows VST being used somehow), are you monitoring with any plugins "live" while recording? What CPU % are being shown for CPU and RT CPU in the Reaper performance meter.

Have you tried plugging the device into a different USB port? Have you tried using it in Reaper with Pulse Audio just as a test? Have you eliminated variables at all?
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Jack Winter
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Could it be that a loud peak muted your master?
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