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Default Character Encoding Issues with Multibyte Character Sets (CJK)


My OS is Windows 10 and I am using the most recent Reaper(x64).

There are a few defects in handling multibyte character sets in Reaper. Please have a look at the attached image.

I was trying to use the video processor vst with the text overlay preset.

1) The input method defect (the red boxes) : As you see it in the image(the plus minus A and 1/4 part), if you type in Korean in the editor, the characters are shown as garbage characters -- this is related to encoding issue. Not only that, but also the displayed characters in the video player are wrong as well.

2) Multibyte Wide Character Showing defect (the blue box) : You can type in Korean in an external text editor and copy&paste it into the reaper editor and it kind of works. However, it displays the characters as narrow-width character set. When using a fixed-width font, one Korean character will take two-character width. Hence, you see the Korean characters squashed together in the first word of the variable text. However it displays OK on the video player.

3) Font Face Name Encoding defect (the green box) : the JSFX files are saved in UTF-8. However, the font face name is in windows native locale, which is cp949 in Korean version of windows. Hence there is an encoding mismatch. So you have to name a font with a different character encoding in order to use the font. \xb1\xc3 and so on is the example. It is the name of the font encoded in cp949.

I think all the people from CJK(Chinese, Japanese, Korean) platform would suffer from all of these.
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