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I had a little time last night to test Reaticulate. One of the things that I thought was that if you are using a library with so many articulations, for instance Spitfire Symphonic Strings, and you want to add the whole V1 you will have to scroll a lot. I know this is not really important, but perhaps it would be possible to change the GUI so more articulations are seen. I don’t know how it is the best way to achieve it, anyway I have modified a screenshot in photoshop to make myself understood because my English is poor.

I tried to do the same as you did in your video with chamber Strings V1, but using SSS:
As I said yesterday it worked but this Error message appeared: bank conflict on same channel SSS- V1 Core. Maybe the message has to do with the Kontakt factory banks, in fact SSS V1 Core and V1 Decorative share an articulation (both have Sul Pont) and both patches sound at the same time when selected with this concrete articulation, no idea. Besides Reaticulate doesn’t select V1 Core flautando, of course it is possible to do it with the mouse in the patch itself. Finally, this message appears every time I add a second bank except If I use 2 patches of Spitfire Chamber Strings, with this library the message doesn’t appear. Some screenshots, maybe I did something wrong...

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