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Default ReaScript EnumerateFiles function Cache files list ?


It seeùs that the EnumerateFiles cache file list for each subfolder.

This means that if you os.rename so file, you will not see the file list change, even if you recall EnumerateFiles .

Here is a sample code:

function EnumerateFiles( folder )
local files = {}
local i = 0
local retval = reaper.EnumerateFiles( folder, i )
table.insert(files, retval)
i = i + 1
until not retval
return files

path = "E:\\Bureau\\Test\"

files_a = EnumerateFiles( path )
retval, message = os.rename(path .. "1.txt", path .. "4.txt")
files__b = EnumerateFiles( path )
And here is the result:

But note that the files do change, it is just the EnumerateFiles which stay the same.

Here is test code from cfillion;

I would have expect EnumerateFiles to NOT cache the result, and let the coder cache it by himself and use virtual folder structure if he want (surely faster), at least as an optional argument, as it is a bit unexpected (and undocumented) behavior.

Thanks !
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