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Default Spectral edit does not work unless item is split...! (FIXED)

I have an item with several spectral edits for de-essing. One of those spectral edits does not work unless I split the item somewhere in front of it.

Two licecaps below. The top one shows the non-functional version. As you can se, rotating the gain does not affect the audio, even though the spectral edit display indicates that the chosen frequencies are adjusted. The bottom licecap shows the same scenario after I have split the item at the previous beat. Now we see that the spectral edit indeed affects both the display and the audio.

Again, the only difference between the top and bottom gif is that for the bottom gif I have split the item 372 ms before the start of the time selection.

In general, spectral edits is such a great idea, sadly underdeveloped for now, but surely this must be a real bug, right?

EDIT: Just to be clear, if I heal the split item, that spectral edit again does not work. And if I split the item again, the spectral edit works again. This is reproducible.
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