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Default FX Monitoring Window always opens on launch (FIXED)

*See UPDATE below*

Weird one - but the Monitoring FX chain window is acting goofy for me.

Behavior: on Reaper launch, the Monitor FX chain window always pops open, even when it has no contents (FX) instantiated. Closing it, resaving the default project with it closed, saving the default screen set with it closed, etc all have no effect - it just really wants to open on program launch and has to be manually closed each time. Once it is closed, it stays closed for the session regardless of how many projects are opened/closed. Restarting Reaper causes it to reappear.

Expected behavior: clearing all FX from the Monitoring FX window, closing it, and saving the project / screen set etc with it closed should mean it stays closed regardless of Reaper restart.

I'm talking about the window that lists the Monitoring FX chain (just like the Track FX chain window)...not the Monitoring FX button at the Project tab level etc.

I've tried changing the startup project and it still happens on Reaper restart so it is not tied to any specific Project window size/position settings.

System: Win10 64 20H2 (bef8fe), Reaper v6.28

Step to reproduce:

--Instantiate some Monitoring FX
--Clear (delete) those FX from the monitoring chain
--Close the Monitoring FX chain window
--Restart Reaper. The Monitoring FX chain window presents itself and must be manually closed.

Can anyone reproduce?

UPDATE: Shared by @Edgemeal, the 'SHOW' flag in reaper-hwoutfx.ini is sticking at '1' regardless of user interaction. Manually setting this flag to '0' temporarily fixes the problem until the Monitoring FX window is opened again.

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