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Default gfx.blit requires four parameters...?

The Lua API docs say of gfx.blit(source,scale,rotation) that "If three parameters are specified, copies the entirety of the source bitmap to gfx.x, gfx.y using current opacity and copy mode..." and more. Note the if. To me, this means that not all parameters are required. So I try: gfx.blit(src_img) and to my surprise I get an error saying Function 'blit' requires 4 parameters, 1 passed.

If I do gfx.blit(src_img, 1) I get a message saying almost the same thing: Function 'blit' requires 4 parameters, 2 passed

Only if I pass all three parameters gfx.blit(src_img, 1, 0) do I not get any error message.

So I guess the API docs and the error message should be updated. Right?
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