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Default Superglue: Reversible, nondestructive glue and nesting pooled audio for Reaper

by MonkeyBars

Provides vital missing features in Reaper:


and much, much more...


Download Superglue and stick it to your Reaper workflow today!

Import MonkeyBars's ReaPack repo from Github here.

Superglue is a suite of scripts allowing Reaper users to place items
into container items called Superitems which can be Edited and Reglued back together later.

Copies of Superitems stay in sync with each other in a pool by default,
but of course you can remove a Superitem from its pool at any time and create as many pools as you wish.


Want to smush your items into a single container Superitem
that you can unsmush, change, and resmush later?


Want to create pooled audio items that all update in sync
whenever one of them is updated?


Want to nest these pooled Superitems into other Superitems
that are also all pooled and all update in sync?


These examples only scratch the sticky surface of all the amazing capabilities Superglue adheres to.


Superglue Script Guide
  • To glue items reversibly, use the Glue script.
  • To remove the reversible glue completely (restoring the items irreversibly), use the Unglue script.
  • But more commonly, you'll use the Edit action to restore the items you glued with the Glue script. All the other copies of the Edited Superitem will update automatically when you reglue.
  • Even quicker is to use the Smart Action scripts. These intelligently choose whether to Glue or Unglue / Glue or Edit automagically by context.
  • The source of Superitem copies automatically updates. If you want to remove a Superitem and make a new pool out of it (DePool), use the script "Pool - Remove selected Superitem from Pool".
  • There are a bunch of options that make Superglue even more powerful. Edit options by running the script "Options - Global - Open script options window".
  • Each option can be set with its own script, so you can make toolbars and custom actions, etc.
  • There are a couple specialty utility scripts – check em out.


Please examine the README on Github carefully before asking for support here.

The project board is kept up to date with all the enhancements and bugs.
Check there for an existing feature or bug before posting here.

Superglue is open source and free.
Every effort was taken to ensure the codebase is clean and self-explanatory.
Developer contributions are very welcome – just grab a card on Github and submit your pull request.



Thank you to matthewjumpsoffbuildings for creating his Glue Groups script in 2015, which formed the core logic for Superglue. Numerous ReaScript advances and a lot of bugfixes & new features enabled the fulfillment of his vision – the codebase is over quadruple the length now.

Superglue is dedicated to my good friend @Julian. We slew the White Whale!

Thank you also to generous @tack for Reaper Toolkit (rtk), the amazing SWS team for the SWS Extension, Julian Sader for js_ReaScript_API, and pkulchenko for Serpent, which are used in Superglue.

Special thanks to @Breeder, @AZPercussion, and @Phazma for consultation, and of course @Justin, @schwa and the rest of the Reaper team for the great DAW and API!


Donations: Please donate to the SWS Extension project and then DM me about it!

Keywords: Referenced objects, Item Patterns, Meta-Items, Audio Containers, Item Folders, Blocks, Ghost Copies, Non-destructive Glue, Cubase Parts, Logic Folders, Audio Regions, Media Container, Prefabs, Pooled Box for audio-items, Repetitive Structures, Ghost Audio Item, Pooled Copy, Item Container, Container Item, Region Groups, Bounce in Place, Render

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