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Default Master VU Red Threshold Off By 0.1 w/Negative Values (FIXED)

I was setting my master VU meter to show peak and loudness using the same scale. I wanted loudness to be red above -12 LUFS, so I typed -12 into the "Red threshold" field. When I looked at the settings again, it was -11.9. I though it might be a rounding error, so I tried -12.04, it still became -11.9. Tried -12.1, and that became -12.0. Tried -14, that's changes to -13.9. -20 becomes -19.9. 0 and positive values work fine. Only negative values seem to get the 0.1 added to them (i.e. they become 0.1 less negative).

It's only on changing the value. Opening and closing the settings box, even clicking in the field doesn't change it. But if you type a negative value and close it, it'll be 0.1 closer to zero the next time you open it.

Oh, and I tried typing -11.9, and that becomes -11.8, same with -12.2 becomes -12.1. And finally -0.1 becomes 0.0. It really does seem to be adding 0.1 to anything below 0. It also applies to when the meter is set to peak only. It's any value typed into that field.
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