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Default v6.73+dev0117 - January 17 2023

v6.73+dev0117 - January 17 2023
* Includes feature branch: mouse modifier small ID action binding fix
* Includes feature branch: fixed lane comping
* Includes feature branch: shortcut import/export improvements and multiple main keyboard sections
* Includes feature branch: improve samplerate change behavior when loading projects
* Includes feature branch: VST3 re-map of parameter IDs due to restartComponent
* Includes feature branch: AU parameter list change notification support
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor screenset improvements
* Includes feature branch: routing matrix/track wiring input activity indicators
* Includes feature branch: preview item selection for grouped tracks
* Includes feature branch: VST3 per-channel silence reporting compatibility option
* Includes feature branch: better .RfxChain media explorer and clipboard integration
* Includes feature branch: ReaReaRea timestretch mode
* Includes feature branch: GR metering as embedded UI for third-party VSTs
* Includes feature branch: JSFX new features and EEL2 preprocessor
* Includes feature branch: render dialog statistics display improvements
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Action list: add join/heal as default synonyms
+ Group manager: fix redundant refreshes
+ Media item lanes: add fixed lane button mouse modifiers to insert or delete lane
+ Media item lanes: allow creating a comp area in the comping lane
+ Media item lanes: allow creating a new comp area within the bounds of an existing comp area
+ Media item lanes: comp areas respect region editing
+ Media item lanes: display non-playing MIDI media items similar to muted items in the MIDI editor
+ ReaScript: support "C_LANEPLAYS" in GetSetMediaItemInfo(), read-only
+ macOS: improve compatibility of 'Open source file' mouse modifier dragging [p=2636376]
# Media item lanes: better handling when drag/dropping multiple files onto empty TCP area [p=2636364]
# Media item lanes: don't auto-promote new recording when recording into comping lane
# Media item lanes: don't move a comp area to a nonexistent lane due to track grouping [p=2636363]
# Media item lanes: fix creating comp areas when multiple razor edits exist [p=2636111]
# Media item lanes: fix drawing glitch during playback when razor edits and comp areas exist [p=2636115]
# Media item lanes: support healing adjacent comp areas by clicking the edge with the delete mouse modifier
# Media item lanes: undo improvements
# Media item lanes: when editing with mouse modifier to allow empty space between comp areas, or editing unsynced areas, restrict the edit to the edges of adjoining comp areas [p=2636114]
# Media item lanes: when initiating comping on a grouped track, ensure that other grouped tracks have a comping lane [p=2636225]
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