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Default Loudness war

I'm noticing most Ninjammers levels are almost always pegging 0dB. As a drummer I'm forced to use a compressor and limiter in order to not be completely drowned out. I'd like to leave some headroom, but it's not really possible since I have no control over what levels guitarists and others use.

Ninjam has it's limitations, but users setting appropriate levels is not one of them. One could set up a test-mix in Reaper and see what levels guitar (distorted / clean), bass, drums, keys etc end up with, and aim for those when using Ninjam. If everybody is aiming for 0dB, it becomes a mess and automixed jams posted online become unlistenable, not to mention the constant ear-rape of people entering jams and bombing them to crap.

Please take a second to check your levels and keep Ninjam a good place for creativity!
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