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Default [SCRIPT] Auto Aim Midi | Item 3.0

Auto Aim Midi - glue edit cursor to start, mouse position or end of selected note or notes. Best script for working with foleys.

It has the main script and the switch scriipt.

1. Turn on main script and select midi note.
2. Switch cursor mode by calling "toggle script".
3. When you finish your work just turn off main script.

You can select more then one midi note - then edit cursor will glue to start or end of selection.

I recommend you set "toggle" script to double mouse click on midi note: Preferences - Mouse Modifiers - Context: MIDI note / double click - Default action - Action list... - and choose "Auto Aim Midi 2.0 (toggle).lua".

Auto Aim Item - an exact copy of the Auto Aim Midi script, but applied to items and also consists of two scripts - the main one and the switch. Enjoy.

When you work with version 3.0 "Two-in-one": call this script when your mouse is near the first (or last) 5% of selected item to glue edit cursor to item start (or end). Otherways edit cursor will glue to mouse position.

To change gluing type always deselect an item and then select it again.

If you have some troubles with desync video after move item, please, check your video settings head on Preferences - Video - Video window follows edits (uncheck it).

Donations are welcomed: PayPal.

This script is included to "Academic Scripts" line. You can see it here.

Thank you.

Add my repo to ReaPack:
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