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Default Reaper and EZ Drummer 3

I’m really sorry if this is post has been answered before but so far I have not been able to find the answer. I’ve been using reaper for quite a while and very comfortable with recording both audio and midi tracks. I picked up the trial version of ez drummer 3 last night. I understand how to open as a virtual instrument and create all of the multiple tracks. When I play a groove, I hear the audio coming through and the meters respond on all of the assigned tracks. However, when I arm the tracks to record and hit record I do not hear the audio from easy drummer, nor does it record anything. Track acts like it is recording like normal when I hit stop it asks if I want to save like normal, but nothing is captured. I’ve tried it with both audio and midi, and neither seem to be working. So that’s my first issue I’m trying to resolve. I may have a follow up question on how to start the groove in ez drummer from reaper, as right now it is not appear Reaper controls it. But if I can get the first answer that may answer the second. Any help is greatly appreciated because both tools are awesome! Thanks.

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