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Default Bug in Midi Export v6.60 - June 8 2022

I have just upgraded to this and it says in the change log that
MIDI: if notation option "key signature changes affect all tracks" is enabled, embed key signature changes when exporting type 1 MIDI files [t=264803]

I just tested it and it does not work. Pity I have been waiting ages for this.

I create a new track, add a midi item, add some notes and set the Key Sig to G Major. I made sure that key Signature affect all tracks is enabled.

Goto file export project midi. Choose entire project, make sure midi type 1 is enabled.

After export I load this into Sibelius (Have tried other editors as well) and the Key Signature is missing (IE has become C Major). The notes are OK Though

I Just Tested again after setting the Key Signature to D major
The exported file containe the Key Signature of G major

I tested again with a Key Signature of Bflat (2 flats) and the exported file contains the key sig of A (3 sharps)

I am not using any transposing track or anything like that

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