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Love that 1st post.
"I tried installing the Waves plugins but refused to read any of the instructions. I'll just assume they're VST plugins (since it's the only term I've ever heard) and ignore all the instructions about their proprietary format and the need to use their provided wrappers (WaveShells).

The installer really tried to help me out but I just refuse to believe this Waveshell wrapper of theirs even exists and just blindly clicked through those steps. I still don't realize it actually installed when I opened the DAW the 1st time after and saw the plugins successfully installed. They can't possibly be using these weird 'shell' thingies because I've never heard of that. So let me just take over now and move these plugins to my own folder - idiots, they didn't even put my "VSTs" in the right place.

Hey they disappeared again! Yeah... stay away from Waves plugins everyone.
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