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Default HID slider support?

Hey hey,

So being the stoner crackhead karaoke man I am, I did a little experimenting. (btw im typin this after a night at the boo, so ill do pics tomorrow)

I went to radio shack, got one of those joystick to usb convertor things and 2 1/4" plugs. I went to a music store (got ripped off too I think) and bought a volume pedal and some 1/4 cable.

Then I smoked some weed.

I took one of the 1/4" jacks and shorted the leads together with a peice of cat5. I jammed this sucker into the "Input" jack on the volume pedal.

Then I smoked some more weed.

I took the 1/4" cable and cut off one end to expose the bare wires. I shoved one end into the "output" jack on the volume pedal. Then I took the bare wire end, and shoved one wire into pin 1, and the other into pin 3 on the usb joystick convertor.

I plugged it into my computer, smoked some more weed, and went into my joystick control panel.

The result was pretty cool. The potentiometer on the volume pedal must have sucked, because I was only reading 5 changes in position. Either that or this joystick convertor has a low sampling rate.

Now I go smoke some weed and sleep, ill post pics tomorrow.
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I took some photos, but the forums wont let me post em all Here's a link to a slideshow.


Now just plug it all in. Windows detects it as a joystick. There's also a lot of programs that will let you convert joystick stuff to keypresses, so going even further you could use this method to create stomp pedals, ect.


Joystick to keypress converter. Works good.

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