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Default Surround tools/MIDI/Scripts JSFX

Ambisonics (FuMa), (Many more not listed)

* 1.0 to 3oA 3D Panner (S).txt
* 2.0 to 3oA 2D Panner (M).txt
* 3oA Rotator (M).txt
* 4.0 Ambisonics codec.txt (padded to 5.1)
* 7.1 Ambisonics decoder.txt
* 1oA 3D cube decoder v3.txt

Surround Tools (Many more not listed)

* 7.1 Mono Panner.txt
* 2.0 to 3.0 Upmix (C).txt
* 5.1 Level Control.txt
* 5.1 Mix Control (M).txt
* 5.1 to 2.0 Downmix (L).txt
* 7.1 to 5.1 Downmix (M).txt

I've made some 5.1/7.1 surround/3oA Fuma ambisonic tools above, but they also include tools for general use like:

Effects (Audio)

* loop_slicer_6.txt: beat-synced realtime loop slicer, which sequentially splits slices to multiple outs, according to split length
* KeyTracker 2 (M).txt: shows current MIDI note via slider. Use with PMOD for adding movement/width to a song.
* Octaver (S).txt

Specialist & Utility

* DifferenceMaker.txt: subtracts Sidechain (3+4) from Main (1+2). Useful for getting the difference after an effect.
* Peak_Extender_SC.txt: Extends the peaks of Main (1+2) with the Sidechain (3+4). Use case: combining a lossless low-DR song with a lossy high-DR song. Clipping artefacts? Verify both songs are aligned & levels set correctly.
* Simple Crossfade.txt: Fade between 2 sets of inputs, like a DJ mixer.


* Delete item fades under By default, RPR makes small (10ms) fades on item boundaries to prevent artefacts, which is usually a good thing. But when you're making a continuous edit from pieces, these automatic fades can actually introduce artefacts. This script is useful in this case, as it deletes fades under 20ms, for selected items.
* Reaper collects various project statistics and outputs them via a dialog. See script for more details.
* Set item start to
* Useful for implementing directional dialogue for films.

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