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Default New Script: tompad_MusicMath - Bpm to ms converter

Hi all!

tompad_MusicMath is a reascript to get ms from bpm in a Reaperproject.
It also convert tone to Hz.

When script window is opened, it takes the current bpm from
Reaper and by choosing note buttons it convert bpm to ms.

By clicking the resulting ms-text the script is copying the
ms to the systems clipboard (for pasting in to delay f.ex)

Install with ReaPack!

And yes - you need Lokasenna GUI installed.

Any comments on coding, requests, bugs etc is welcome!
PM me (tompad) on Reaper Forum (

Updated: 20181231
Version: 1.1
Release tompad_MusicMath - bpm/tone to ms/Hz converter v1.1

Added coverter note to Hz
Added tooltip "Click to copy to clipboard"
Added flashing green when clicking on ms or Hz label
ToDoList MusicMath Donation Mark4celeste Frid i ditt hjärta Eve & the Fisherman on Spotify

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