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Default Advice on ribbon mic?

I've never had a ribbon mic so thinking of giving it a go. For start I'm looking at the cheapest Nady RSM-5 if I can even find one here in Australia for comparable price.
Question I have is, apparently ribbon mics can't be used with 48V phantom power. My mixer phantom can't be turned off.
I could run it through some other mixers I have but they aren't as good as my Soundcraft so I guess I'd have to make up a cable without the 48V wire? I probably could go to line input but doubt I'd be getting enough gain from there. Any tips, maybe a different ribbon mic for starters?
I plan to use it on drums, (I use one mic only). I'm sick of EQuing down the bright heights all the time. I think ribbon might help with that (maybe). Thanks.
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