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Default satisfying "Expand selected track" on track selection

I'm on the quest to find a satisfying solution for "Expand selected track" on track selection.

All available scripts (HeDa's enlarge selected track in the Track inspector and mpl's enlarge selected track) are defer scripts (trying to avoid that) and very slow with bigger projects. I guess this lies in the nature of LUA and the permanent calls from the script. Further more, I want to be able to turn off the function at any time.

So far, I found 2 promissing solutions:

1. the preference: Always show full track control panel on armed tracks

- can be toggled via SetIntConfigVar

- the track is too small, even when expanded (hence, the size is not configurable)
- when toggling via SetIntConfigVar on the same track, only the track gets zoomed, but the items stay small. Only doing a next -> previous track solves this

2. Using Breeders "SWS/BR Project track selection action - Set" with "View: Expand selected track height, minimize others"

- the track expansion is great (maybe even a bit too much, but that's okay)
- works very fast, even when quickly skipping thru a project

- no toggle can be set, you can only "clear" the action. In order to re-enable the action, you have to enter the desired action ID in a dialog box (-> not scriptable)

Are there any ways (that I have overlooked) to optimize one of these 2 solutions?
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