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Default Is spiking (cpu) caused my the drivers or the audio interface

Ok, I have an original Mbox, with "better" drivers coz they let me go down to the lowest latency possible I can get with it.
Reaper is the best behaved when it comes to lowest latencies/high cpu usage.
Cubase and Studio One are very nice, but they spike a lot, using the same settings/plugins, etc.

Reaper does not spike. So good. BUT, it alters the sound, not because of its internal engine or whatever (like summing), not talking about that, but plugins behave VERY differently sometimes (some of them), and THAT indeed alters the sound (if those plugins behaved as crazy as in Reaper, the sound indeed would be the same).

So, why Studio One and Cubase 5 spike kinda a lot, and Reaper doesn't?
Am I doomed to use Reaper? So I can avoid spiking at low latencies? (I need low latencies to record)...

I wouldn't mind using Reaper if it wasn't for the crazy behaviour with some plugins. I guess...

A new interface would fix my problem of spiking? Like the newest interfaces that are coming out? Would that allow me to have near zero latency (at most 2 ms)? Using Cubase or Studio One?

I have a quad core, and I can't believe I can't use the lowest latencies available with said programs. For example, using Studio One, even if it has selected the 4 cores to be used, the PC Cpu usage meter reads 45-ish, and yet I get these spikes? It should be the program right? That it's not well written? If so, why is it not well written?

Ok, thanks for your future comments and opinions and ramblings and hate mail

P.S. When using Pro Tools 8, I had a very nice performance at the lowest latencies, BUT I needed a new low latency setting, and the orginal drivers didn't allow it. But Pro Tools 8 NEVER spiked at the lowest latencies (but it had like 10ms at the lowest latency, and Reaper with the new drivers I have allow me to go to 3ms I think, 6ms overall, and Reaper doens't spike). If Pro Tools 8 allowed me to go as low as Reaper now lets me with the new drivers (I can't use PT8 with the new drivers) I would go back to PT8. No, I can't afford buying PT9 just to see how it goes...
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