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Default Gear

Just curious as to what gear everyone uses.

Agile 2800
Takamine EG540SC
Alvarez AD60SCBK (selling this one)
Washburn T-34 (Bass)

several BOSS pedals: DS-1, MT-2, OB-3, GE-7, CS-3, and CEB-3
Zoom 505 (meh)

1.8GHz P3 w/1G RAM
Delta-66 w/break out box
Some 10w prctice amp by washburn
Heaps of monster cable
2 huge speakers, around 400W, I think

Gentoo Linux, 2.6 Kernel
JACK/Ardour/Jamin/Audacity/sweep/ecasound...looking into Jesusonic
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Yamaha PSS-680 Keyboard
Yamaha PSR-240 Keyboard
Audio Technica Freeway wireless mic
Pioneer 25 disk cd changer/boombox/amp
SB Live using KX drivers http://www.kxproject.com/
p4 1.4
win xp

Various 1/4" to XLR > 1/8" radio shack adapters to the sound card.
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Gibson Les Paul Special faded
1952 National Acoustic/electric archtop guitar
Jackson Kelly KE3 (man i hate this guitar and want to sell it)
Samick 5 string bass
Squier p-pass

Zoom 708II bass
Digitech ValveFX guitar preamp/processor

Fender Blues Junior
Behringer bx1200 combo for bass
Two Mackie c300 loudspeakers
small Behringer Mixer
2 sennheiser E609 mics
AMD AXP 2800+ running windows with audacity for recording

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Epiphone Special 2

DigiTech RP100

P4 3.06HT (winXP)
SB Audigy2 Platinum using kX Drivers
Shure SM58
Klipsch KB1.1 bookshelf speakers
Sennheiser HD-500 headphones
M-Audio Oxygen8 (thanks yellojester for reminding me :P)

Propellerhead Reason 2.5 (I WANT 3.0!!)
Acid Pro 4.0

[root@your.box /]# logoff

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Human being with feelings
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Seagull Spruce Acoustic
Ovation Celebrity Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic (Active EMGs)
Epiphone Les Paul Studio (Active EMGs)

Marshall JCM 900
Marshall Mini Cabinet

Tama Rockstar 5-Piece
Various Zildjin cymbals

Mics (on drums):
Shure 1xKSM32, 2xPG81, 2xSM57s, 3xPG56s, 1xPG52

Mackie Onyx 1640 Mixer + Firewire Option Card
Line6 Pod Pro
Line6 Bass Pod Pro
Line6 Floorboard
Digitech 2112
3 x DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate
Behringer Powerplay XL 4-Channel Headphone Amp

Effects/Input (not racked)
Mackie 1402 VLZ Mixer
Digitech RP12
Roland Juno-106
Roland MC-303 Groovebox
M-Audio Keystation
Novation BassStation
Casio SK-1 (heh)

Custom P4 2.0GHz/400, 1GB RAM, 2x250GB SATA/8MB
Creative SoundBlaster Audigy2 Pro (For games/Prefer ONYX :)
PowerMac G4 2x450, 1GB RAM, 30GB poop for space
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones
Sony MDR-V700 Headphones
Shure E3c Headphone Monitors
Pioneer Reciever + Various Polk Audio Speakers in 5.1 config

Windows XP Professional :\
Adobe Audition v1.5 (Cool Edit Pro! :)
Mackie / Raw Material Tracktion :)
Jesusonic??? 8)
Apple Logic Express 7 :|
Apple Garageband :/



holy jesus thats long...

[Edited Again]

im curious about your setup. was that you playing guitar in the video? i saw some drums and other things - what kind of setup / (personal) studio you have set up?

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The video is christophe playing guitar.. that's our little practice stage there.. Have a pacific drum kit.. some cheap mics for recording, and I usually use a Pod to play through the PA for the guitar, and a bass pod for the bass (the PA has a sub, too, yum).

At home, I usually use the prototype Jesusonic to my monitors.

I have 2 electric guitars, a fernandes monterey that has active sustain, and a deluxe strat (that has a humbucker as well as single coils). Now if only I could play them (well, better anyway)!!

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Default My Gear

Epi Les Paul Jr.
Roland Ready Fender Strat

433mhz (Mandrake 10.1)
2.4 ghz (XP pro)
M-Audio Oxygen 8
Roland GR-30

Sonar 3.11
Refx Vanguard
Reason 2.5
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Alfredo Bugari Stonehenge 4-string elec. Bass, modified with EMG P40 (sometimes J40), bought used for $350, neck shimmed with my old debit card. Sounds like DOOM.

Beat-to-hell old Ibanez metal guitar, refit with DiMarzio humbuckers, trem altered to only dive.

Homemade (cloned) SansAmp GT2 amp sim (for distortion)

Boss CEB-3 Chorus (It's OK, I hope to build something better)

Boss SYB-3 bass synth (used VERY rarely, mostly for UGLY tone)

TC Electronics G-Force (Mostly for delay and reverb. The delay in this thing is amazing!) Used sparingly.

Lexicon R1 Floor Controller (Best foot controller I've ever used)

Homebuilt loop switcher (Loop A, Loop B, Bypass)

Carvin ProBass-500 (yeah, not the hottest gear, but it sounds real good used right)

Carvin Quad-X Amp Preamp (9 tube gain stages in the sustain channel!) mostly for home guitar use.

~100W tube poweramp (from an old organ, stolen from highschool chemistry lab, modified for guitar/bass use)

My Friend's Mesa Bass Amp, the latest 600W one. Only used at practice. Dude lives at the practice space. I'm seriously considering marrying him, so I can kill him and inherit the amp.

AMD 64 3500+ 1GB RAM Homebuilt computer, dualboot WinXP/Fedora Core 3. A joke for a soundcard, buying a better recording system soon.

Miscellaneous recording gear, Sony HiMD recorder hopefully in the next week or two, for practice recordings.

PS -

Forgot my soldering iron, 5-string Steinberger neckthrough (maple, not composite), Ibanez fretless, ADA MB-1, Bass Balls, Noise Stick, Minimoog, and my multimeter.

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