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Default Synth 1 wave form MIDI issue


I'm running Reaper on High Sierra (64) with an M-Audio Oxygen 49 (blue) hooked up as my MIDI controller. I've noticed what appears to be a bug in Synth 1 in which basically any knob or fader on the Oxygen causes oscillator 1 wave shape to cycle clockwise. I cannot seem to shut this off or even find the CC responsible; it's not represented in any parameter list or in reacontrol.

I've reset the Oxygen to factory settings but it has not made a difference. The only thing I noticed that did make a difference was changing the program (or page?) number on the Oxygen until it stopped happening which led me to believe it might have something to do with the hardware talking to the software, however, results were inconsistent when I tried troubleshooting with my Oxygen 25 in place of the 49.

Even if I link something, like the mod wheel to the filter cutoff, it will control both the desired parameter as well as cycle through Osc 1 shape. I have also tried to unlink controls in the Synth 1 UI with no effect.

I have also tried troubleshooting with a friend running Reaper on Windows 7 with the same MIDI controllers, and the issue has NOT manifested there.

Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on here?

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