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Default Help! Reaper and stuttering playback issues

Hi All,

I use Reaper for work, running Reaper v5.941/64 on a 2014 MacBook Pro, 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3.

I love reaper, and really want to keep using it for my main DAW but its proving infuriatingly inconsistent. I can finish a mix, leave it a few days and come back to it after receiving mix notes only to find the session no longer plays with stuttering uncontrollably.

Sometimes it will slow down, start the stuttering, other times it will be fine. Other things maybe of note, I run a UAD Apollo Twin via TB as my interface and also use a UAD Satellite over Firewire, converted to Thunderbolt at the Mac end for effects. Sample rate doesn't seem to solve it, briefly anticipative effects seemed to help but then didn't seem to help. Sometimes I get a massive spike under 'Kernal_task' in activity monitor which I can diagnose if related or another Mac Book ghost in the machine.

If anyones been in a similar position and could offer and advice it would be greatly appreciated. Or even, if someone could help me take a look at my settings / machine set up and offer any insight I would be happy to pay them for their time. Its causing me such a headache that Im fearing I'll have to move to another programme.

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If your Reaper session runs one day perfectly fine, then the day after not,
i would say all the audio device / samplerate / buffering settings in Reaper are just fine and Reaper is not the culprit, something else on your system is to blame.
That spiking kernel task is interesting ..

Do you maybe experience on the next day heavy spinning of the fans in your macbook ?

Also as sidenote: i am not sure if the thunderbolt <> firewire connection is a really trustful and stable solution, although i do understand, you have no other choice.
Do you use a high quality cable for this connection ?

There are some really good Apple knowledged people here in the Community,who maybe can also help you further with your issue.
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