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Default Q. How to get actively writing envelopes ?

How to get current values for actively writing envelopes ?
I can't find anything in the API that seems to indicate this is possible but it probably is...
Any idea's ?
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loop through tracks and see GetMediaTrackInfo_Value( tr, 'I_AUTOMODE')==3


retval, value, dVdS, ddVdS, dddVdS = reaper.Envelope_Evaluate( envelope, time, samplerate, samplesRequested )
Get the effective envelope value at a given time position. samplesRequested is how long the caller expects until the next call to Envelope_Evaluate (often, the buffer block size). The return value is how many samples beyond that time position that the returned values are valid. dVdS is the change in value per sample (first derivative), ddVdS is the seond derivative, dddVdS is the third derivative. See GetEnvelopeScalingMode.
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