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Default Render stems with Send FX (tried mpl's and X-Raym's scripts)

I simply want to select my folder tracks and do a stem export.
Inside the folders are instruments and each instrument is sending to a reverb.
I know, that the only way to solve this, is to solo the folder track and to render the master mix. Only that way, all FX will be included.
However, Reaper gives me a hard time to achieve that.

I tried both scripts, mpl's and X-Raym's, but the sends are always missing in the renders (I followed the instructions very closely).

EDIT: okay, scratch that, it works! Apparently I needed to set a delay to load the project. The reverb wasn't loaded, yet...

Speaking of loading a project: why does Reaper to load a project to render it, when it's already loaded? I don't get that logic.
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