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Default Zynaddsubfx?

Just getting into Reaper after many many years with another DAW.

I'm new-ish to Mac, currently running OS X. I can generally figure things out with documentation and forum searches but I'm stumped on how to control Zynaddsubfx with Reaper in OS X. I understand there was a new-ish release of the synth which allows VST implementation for Windows (and indeed, I can operate it in Audiomulch when I run that on Wine).

Zynaddsubfx only has "null" and "Jack" as MIDI routing options - I'm guessing I'll have to route MIDI via Jack from Reaper? I haven't had to use an interface with Jack yet (only running audio through it when using TidalCycles), and my one attempt to install a GUI for it did not work as hoped.

Just wondering if anyone has any input on how to accomplish this, thanks in advance.
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Default midi learn

click on midi learn then move what you want to control with your mouse... then you can use the fx window to choose what you want like normal... check out kxstudio repos if you are running linux and cant get midi into the daw
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