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Default Focusrite 18i8 headphone output configuration

Hello friends! I am a new Reaper user and am having a pickle of a time with what I assume is a simple software configuration issue.

I record a podcast, so I am recording 3 vocal tracks simultaneously and all three need headphone monitoring. I am able to record all three tracks just fine, but I am only able to get headphone signal from channels 1 and 2, nothing from channels 3 or 4. From a hardware perspective, I've tried using splitters, a powered headphone mixer, and going direct (and I've confirmed all mics, cables, and headphones are working) and nothing from channels 3 or 4.

I've read that this is a common default setting with audio interfaces and that you can change it through whatever DAW you're using. I've read articles and watched youtube videos and the closest thing I can find has to do with Windows configurations and ASIO drivers (hence posting this in the OS X forum).

I've tried changing routing settings on channel 3 and on the Master Track but to no avail. I'm assuming the issue is in the track routing and I've attached a screenshot of the configuration that works for recording, but no headphone signal. Thanks!

EDIT: AAaaaaaaannnnnnnd minutes after posting this I realized I hadn't actually tried to change the settings in the Focusrite control interface. I went in there and added channels 3 and 4 and it worked. Feel free to delete this topic!
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Glad you found it! It drove me nuts too for a bit, when I first started using Focusrite
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