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Default Floorboard idea (midi)

Hello all, first post!

I've been intruiged by the JesuSonic for a while, saw it mentioned in Justin's blog a small eternity ago.

I've seen some questions as to the floorboard side of the hardware, discussion of serial protocols, opening hardware design, etc. and it all keeps me thinking of the same thing:

What about MIDI support?

Most of the people that are going to go for this whole thing are probably not new to digital multieffects, and I'll bet a number of you out there already have a nice MIDI foot controller. I know I do. So how about supporting some existing hardware? It would also open up the use of TONS of other existing technology, like sequencers, DAWs, etc.

Seems like a pretty simple solution to the whole realtime control issue.

You could still sell something custom, with a nice VFD for patch name display, etc.


PS -

For those who like to roll thier own, there are some open-source MIDI controller (and more than just controllers!) ideas out there, like those at http://www.ucapps.de
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