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Default ReaSynth demo rpp?

Hey all,

I'm planning a Reaper course for a local audio engineering school, and would like to demonstrate the capabilities of ReaSynth. Are there any rpp's available that really show how to push it's limits?

I've heard the great demos by synth, but an rpp would allow us to dig deep into the techniques.

Full credit would be given of course.


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Reasynth is just an oscillator.

It crossfades between different waveforms, and sounds like it uses wavetables.

Thats it.

Also be aware if I remember it may alias at the very high notes.

If you add a filter in the effects chain, it becomes a subtractive synthesizer, because thats all subtractive synthesisers are, an oscillator and a filter to subtract some of the frequencies from the wave form.

A good simple free subtractive synthesizer to use for instruction would be the Linplug alpha free, or triangle 2 from cakewalk.

Thos are just a couple of examples there are dozens of good free ones, too.

I look at Reasynth as more of a utility than an instrument. Its good for testing things out, for example. There's no reason not to use the Linplug alpha free for a synth, same difference, only it adds your filters and a modulation matrix as well as envelopes and a chorus.

Note frequency key map
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