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Default Sync problem with a project

Hi! I've been recording a song on Reaper - used some usb midi, used some mics through external audio interface. All was good until one day I started moving takes around, comping, editing. And then after some time I've noticed that something might be wrong. Maybe it's just my OCD but I started feeling some sync problems between my drums and vocals. I started thinking that I might have made a huge mistake and disabled snap to grid at some point and accidentally moved my comp off axis or something. If there's an issue with sync - it's very small but I'm not sure if it's regarding my actual performance or regarding latency issues of my gear.

I started googling if there is a way to return recorded audio tracks into its original source. Voila, right click on a track > item processing > move items to source preferred position (BWF).

I returned all the takes by using this way and re-arranged the tracks again (this time snap to grid was on all the time). Then I right clicked on a take> source properties - and for example it says this: Start offset: 4:19.994.

I believe most of my snippets/tracks/cuts (wherever I check the source properties) have this weird offset with .994 ending or something similar.

Does it mean that my audio interface had a latency of 6ms? Or is it such a time because I recorded without snap to grid by any chance? However, most of them are like .994 so I don't think I would've managed to click on .994 with my mouse all the time before recording. Would it be enough to drag all of my tracks 6ms to the left and it would solve the actual problem?

It's very minimal but I just want to sort this out because it's making me quite anxious

Let me know if you'd have anything to recommend. Thanks!
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