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Default Roland Juno DS-61 > Reaper/Sampletank - Issue when moving a slider on the keyboard

Hi guys,

I've been playing live keyboard for a few years, at home, by the simple expedient of running my ancient Roland A-33 midi keyboard controller into SampleTank in Reaper. Apart from the usual note on/off, volume, velocity and octave up/down messages, that's been all the midi that I send. All works fine.

The reason for using this setup is that I just love the piano and various pads available in SampleTank.

However, this Sunday, I decided to try this idea out at our new church location. Previously we'd been meeting outdoors and restricted to battery powered gear; hence the Roland Juno DS-61 which runs happily all day on AA batteries.

Now we have mains power at our new church location (indoors) and I wanted to try out my "home" setup (above) BUT instead using the DS-61 in place of my old A-33.

I duly set it all up, when we got there, using my Mac mini along with Google remote desktop, in place of keyboard, mouse and screen. As usual I connected the keyboard to my interface via a midi lead and it all worked fine. Such a joy to able to use these lovely piano sounds for the first time with the band at church!

However, suddenly Reaper stopped outputting audio!

I took a peek and saw that Sampletank was still working ok (ie. midi still arriving) BUT no audio was getting to the Main Stereo channel.

I reloaded and all was fine again for a short time....

A friend suggested that something was cutting in, to cause the issue, and I suddenly realised that it happened when I moved one of the sliders on the DS-61.

Ok, I guess the simple answer is "don't move the sliders" BUT I'd rather like to understand how to fix the issue as moving these sliders is a normal part of using the DS-61 and it's hard to not just fiddle with them automatically

Any anecdotes and tips would be very welcome.

Many thanks!



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Ok, I think I’ve made a simple mistake with this but I can’t see how to delete the thread so I thought I’d post what I think happened, whilst waiting for this Sunday to test it.

Today, whilst pondering this, I thought I’d try moving the volume slider on my “home” Roland A-33 midi controller, since I had never done this before.

I was initially amazed to see that it had the same effect as moving the slider on the “church” keyboard.

However, now I was at home, and could now easily see the computer screen (ie Reaper), I saw that, by moving the slider, I had NOT actually severed the link between my Sampletank’s channel and the master channel (as I had thought).

It turns out that, at volume levels below around 50%, I couldn’t hear the output that WAS still there. Simply pushing up the slider increased the volume to audible levels.

I think the cause of this, at church, was due to the fact that, when using the DS-61’s own outputs, along with its main output setting, the “offending” slider was typically left in the 0-50% range. Then, simply by touching it gently, I had inadvertently lowered my Reaper/Sampletank main volume to an inaudible level. Because I was using my small iPhone for Google Remote Desktop viewing, and had the Sampletank display covering the Reaper display, I had failed to notice my mistake.

Sorry if this has been a bit of a time-waster BUT I think the process of describing the issue has really helped me to think it through to (hopefully) the solution.

Many thanks for being there guys and also for such an amazing piece of kit!
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