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Ameliance SkyMusic
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Default [5.79] ENVELOPE: behavior of the automation item templates

When choosing the same automation templates, automation items with the same name are placed in the pool
This is not always predictable.

By the way, there are nuances with the behavior of selection and removal of allocation on items of automation.
Selection is only removed when switching to another automation item.

And there are nuances with the behavior of the undo command.
Such a feeling that for items of automation there is a separate line of undo.
What would I not do with the media items, if I press the undo command,
I will have the last automation automation in selection (or something like that).

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Loading an automation item template will automatically pool it with any identical automation items. I agree this should be optional, but for now you can right click it and choose "remove from pool" immediately after loading to force it to be unpooled.
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