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Default [6.03] Video Processor - Track Opacity/zoom/pan on one track affects other tracks

I use reaper for editing video and I was working on a project today and noticed something odd. I imported two video files onto separate tracks and applied the Track Opacity/zoom/pan to track #1 to adjust the zoom and X-offset to help re-center the video (original recording was not quite centered). I then went to do some editing on track #2 and noticed that the video was off-center. It appears that the Track Opacity/zoom/pan settings on track #1 carry-over to track #2, even though I don't have a Video Processor effect on Track #2. Shouldn't these effects be track-dependent? My 2nd video clip wasn't off-center so I don't need any additional processing on that track.

- Start Reaper
- Import a video file to track #1
- Import another video file to track #2
- Apply Video Processor FX to track #1 with the Track opacity/zoom/pan pre-set.
- Adjust the Zoom and X-OFfset to move the picture around
- Click somewhere into track #2 and see if the zoom/pan is still applicable to track #2, even with no FX applied.

Windows 10 x64, portable install.

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