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Default Is non-destructive editing always real-time in Reaper?

Dear users and developers,

It is my first post in this forum.
I am pleased with Reaper, and I have a question about the non-destructive editing in Reaper.
There are two types of non-destructive editing.
1. real-time: There is no additional audio data in the project file of DAW.
2. non-real-time: There are additional audio data in the project file automatically managed by DAW, and the user does not need to manage them.

Which type of non-destructive editing does Reaper offer? Does Reaper do both according to the characteristics of the process?

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You can work with no additional audio in arrange as well. Not sure if it fits to your story but in the past I wanted to use completely empty arrange, all data coming from outside or from fx and wanted to write only automation to arrange, without any items there. Somehow this was not possible. My workaround solution was creating empty items. Then it worked, I could write / record all my real-time performance automations. Maybe relevant to your story as well. Have fun my friend in Reaper forums. Have a nice day. Keep asking demanding questions. But giving as much context as possible is always best if you want really fitting and detailed answers...
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Both. Any time you do Render/Freeze/Apply FX, it creates new files and leaves the old ones on the disc untouched. Most everything else works by referencing different parts of the original audio files. I’m not sure I would refer to either one as “real time”, but I think I get what you mean. Reaper never directly alters an existing file, but sometimes makes new ones.
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Thank you for your answers.

I want to know the algorithm to understand Reaper more closely to use it more efficiently.

Some specific cases are as follows:

"RX Spectral De-noise" with "Highest Quality - Slow" is intended to work with destructive editing.

Some effects, for example, De-clicker, De-clipper, resampling and time-stretching, work only in real-time in Adobe Audition, which offers real-time processes and destructive processes.

Thus, non-destructive editing should, in my humble opinion, be dealt with carefully with some effects, and such a process should be done with an external editor like Audacity.

I asked this question to decide which effect should be edited with an external editor.
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I use the RX editor as an external editor in Reaper so I can right click on the item that I want to process and then choose Edit In External Editor on the pop up menu. As an old Audition user I've just got used to the idea of doing restoration processes externally and then saving the results to a new file so that I still have the raw file if I want to maybe change the processing in future (you never know when a better process might come along). I tend to save these intermediate files as FLAC in order to save disk space.

I have tried running RX plug-ins in real time in Reaper but they are very processor intensive (especially at 96kHz sampling rate) so I prefer to use them destructively in the RX editor.
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