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Default LCS_Luna_SE

Available now on Stash

A Mixer mod of LCS_Luna

put the ReaperThemZip file in your Color Themes folder or drag and drop the theme on an open Reaper window.

Changes From Earlier Version of Luna:
- Default and Narrow layouts have a new expanded I/O section
- moved I/O above the meter and the Volume label moved to the bottom of the meter.
- made some layout changes. Layouts now use "jump cut" style for layout changes instead of sliding into place.
- added Sidebar and Big Meter layouts to MCP Master list

NOTE: If you are using HiDPI or 4K resolution, you will need to change the Transport layout to Blue Default.

DEFAULT - Default layout
NARROW - narrow version of the DEFAULT
SEPARATOR - wide or thin blank layouts for making space between tracks. Has the track label so it can also be used to signal the start of a group of tracks.
SEPARATOR NARROW - same size as the other Narrow layouts
SEPARATOR STRIP - same size as the Strip layout
SEPARATOR WIDE - same size as the Sidebar layout
SIDEBAR - wide layouts with FX list along the right side
STRIP - access to all controls, has track label and a meter
STRIP Name - limited controls, no meter and large, expandable label area
STRIP Meter - mostly a meter with limited controls and no track label
VCA - default and Narrow sized versions, limited controls. no FX area. can be expanded/contracted like the other layouts.
FLEX FADER - New layout, features the meter in the fader section
FLEX Narrow - matches Flex Fader layout
FLEX Sidebar - matches Flex Narrow layout with a sidebar for FX
TRACKING - Big Meter layout. Default and narrow versions included
TRACKING Sidebar - Big Meter Narrow layout with a sidebar for FX

DEFAULT - matches default MCP layout
SIDEBAR - default layout with FX sidebar
BIG METER - Big meter with controls at the bottom.
BIG METER Sidebar - Big meter layout with FX sidebar
FATBOY - big, wide meter with controls at the bottom.
FLEX FADER - matches Flex Fader MCP layout
FLEX FADER WIDE - matches Flex Fader MCP layout

DEFAULT - main TCP layout
LONG NAME - matches default TCP layout, except buttons are lowered to allow for name label to keep stretching to the right.
LONG METER - Long Meter above Volume
BIG METER - has expandable meter.
BASIC - no Vol, Pan or main FX
MINIMAL - only has recarm, label, folder, Mute, Solo, TrackIDX and FolderComp buttons
SEPARATOR - blank layout for making space between tracks. Has the track label so it can also be used to signal the start of a group of tracks.
SEPARATOR FOLDER - layout with a 'folder tab' style and label to be used help mark off sections
VCA - Default and narrow sized layouts with minimal controls
FLEXIBLE FX - allows FX Parameters or FX GUI to expand with the panel

NOTE: all fader layouts have a blue, green, red or yellow fader version available

UPDATE: 04/21/2021
- fixed some graphic bugs
- NEW: Flexible FX TCP layout
allows FX Parmeters or FX GUI expand with panel

Update: 10/01/2020
- added new TCP FX & send images

UPDATE: 3/16/2020
- fixed Global and I/O Preview buttons
UPDATE: 12/22/2019
- added files and RTCONFIG-SPACER.TXT file to allow easy removal of the Flex Fader layouts and adding several MCP Spacer layouts instead:
- Spacer
- Spacer Narrow
- Tracking Spacer
- Tracking Spacer Narrow
- Master Spacer
- Master Big Meter Spacer
see screenshot in post #7

- extract the RTCONFIG-SPACER.TXT file from the theme.
- rename it RTCONFIG.TXT and add it back into the theme letting it overwrite the one already there.

see screenshots below:

LCS Themes

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