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Default "Show FX list on right side of chain window" great and why I don't use it

I know that someone has already written all this, but I can't find thread to bump

First is obvious: If this option is enabled, FX window still use top left corner as anchor point and FX list jumping away from your mouse cursor like a rabbit when you select another FX:

Another one is some extra pixels on the left side:

And in addition to this.
I know about floating fx windows and use it a lot. But sometimes I need to float FX and have FX chain visible. And nitpick is: if FX floated there too much empty space in FX chain window, just for "This plug-in's configuration window is currently floating" and comments field. So option to cut it off would be great. But maybe it's a FR stuff.
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Yea that was pointed out immediately in the pre-release threads when that option came about. Not sure why it stayed like that.
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v5.983+dev0905 - September 5 2019

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The moral being "be careful what you ask for, in case you get it" with the corollary that "you must be sure that what you ask for is what you really want".

PITA, but also painfully true in this case.
Not that I would accuse Justin & Schwa of doing it....
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