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Default How to disable snap automation point to grid

When I'm editing automation, I have noticed, that points sometimes are snapping to lines in envelope line.

I was searching for the settings but I could not find anything about that snapping.

Any idea how to fix such problem?

It was happening with older Reaper 5.*** and now is happening with Reaper 6.01

Help, please!

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I have on different machine Reaper 5.94 or something like that, where I had never change any setting, coz I have never used seriously.

So I have compared Snap settings on bot Reaper's and set it to defaults.

Now is all working like a charmed.


I'm using reaper portable and I have still a version before 6.01 so I still have the same settings like I have now on version 6.0, because I have installed version 6.0 over 5.98

So I can still go to old settings, but now automation it's working perfectly.

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Can anyone else chime in about how to keep automation from snapping? I basically never want it, and I'd like to not have to keep turning the global snap on and off all the time...
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