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Default MIDI note overlap within a loop or MIDI item

I need notes overlaps to achieve glide/portamento effect in some synths (Vanguard for example)
But if I have some repeating midi items I can't set overlap between the last note of previous and the first note of next MIDI item, or if I loop playback in Reaper.
I worked with Cubase before. It allows to have notes with ends out of MIDI items borders.
So is it possible to achieve notes overlapping between MIDI items?
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This is an interesting question. Given that no-one has answered yet, I suspect that it is not straightforward to do in REAPER.

My suggestions is to use overlapping items instead of looped items.
* The overlapping items can be grouped for easy editing of all items simultaneously.
* Or the items can be independent -- but with exactly similar names -- and any changes can then be "Propagated" to similarly named items.

For example, using pooled items:

* There are several Actions and scripts to convert back and forth between looped and pooled items.
* AFAIK, the (unstretched) length of pooled items cannot be changed, but changes in length can be Propagated to other items

For example, to convert from existing looped items to independent overlapping items:
1) Select your looped items.
2) Script: X-Raym_Convert selected looped items into independent items.
3) In Item settings, UNcheck "Loop item source".
4) Slightly lengthen one item as well as the last note.
5) Propagate to other similarly named items, and voilà, you have overlapping MIDI items with legato notes.

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Related feature request: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=57050
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Thanks to the thread Mouse modifier for extending item length (at loop points), I learned that it is possible to extend the length of a pooled MIDI item, but first the underlying *loop length* (MIDI source length) has to be changed.

Pooled items are somewhat finicky regarding source length:
* Changes in the underlying MIDI loop/source length are automatically propagated to all pooled items, but changes in the superficial displayed item length (the part that is visible onscreen and that will be played) are not.
* While the item length can be shortened as usual, they cannot extend past the source length, expect by looping.
* Pooling also overrides the setting in Preferences -> MIDI -> Allow trim of MIDI items when splitting".

So to create overlapping pooled MIDI items from existing looped items:
* "Item settings -> Loop item source" is checked ON
* Then, using the MIDI editor or inline editor, extend the item length as well as the loop length of one of the pooled items. The new loop length will propagate to all pooled items.
* Select all the other pooled items and extend their lengths as normal, so that they overlap.

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