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Default Shortcuts for setting audio device block size?

Are there any shortcuts that would allow us to set the audio device block size to a predetermined amount really quickly, so we can toggle between playback/mix, and performance latencies?

I'd love to have a button for 512, and one for 64 for starters.

Not sure if this is even possible to set this way, and I can't find any shortcuts for this.
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YES. THIS. Would love an "action" or something...an assignable button in the toolbar would be perfect.
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I'd like to also see an option to save this with a project and let it override the preference settings like you can do for the project sample rate. Bury it in the preference settings under 'advanced' or something so new users don't start bricking their projects.

And of course switching between different projects in tabs would be seamless and never crash anything.
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