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Default Distributed Computing

Not really a Feature Request but maybe more like a product idea request:

Since Reaper is a very capable VST(i) host in its own right, how about designing a better (open) version of Steinberg’s VST System link. Call it Rea-Link. It’ll allow for distributed processing across networked computers. One machine runs Reaper with all the VST(i) and the other runs Reaper, say with a project file of multiple tracks. To stretch the cpu processing power, the remote machine could take the mixing load. Seems like Rearoute has already set the stage for this type of communication between apps. Maybe if it could be expanded a bit to be able to send midi control messages across an Ethernet connection (to synchronize transports) and to control the VST parameters?

This type of power would really set Reaper apart from most of the other DAWs. I think Logic has some version of this capability too. Yes, the market has started to see this type of thing already: Steinberg’s System Link, FXTeleport (, Muse Research Receptor with Uniwire (, etc.

I think this team could build a better mousetrap. It could also be another enticing feature that would cause others to give it a try. More and more people have extra computers lying around which could be put to good use. The key would be to keep the hardware requirements on the remote machine very simple: basically a bare system with an Ethernet connection (Giga)…
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