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Smile Thank You!!

That morning when it was released i remember getting ready to go to work and stumbled across a Linux news site. Then I saw 5.93 adding Linux support, I was so happy! I started using reaper when i was using windows but for reasons I had to switch to Linux & i began using reaper (32-bit) under wine. At this time I still use reaper under wine, what holding me back is the window VST support.. Once that's solved I will then use the reaper Linux native build. But this is a very very good start thank You guys!!
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Welcome to the new forum!

You can use a great many excellent plugins
in linux reaper, by wrapping them...

Using LinVst for wrapping a windows plugin .dll file
makes a linux-native vst version
of the windows vst .dll file, having a .so extension,
so a linux version of reaper, bitwig,
mixbus and other linux daw apps, might be able to load them.
You need to keep both the .dll and .so versions in the same location.
Your installed wine version will stay in the background,
unless you need it to start a windows app, typically
a windows version of reaper.

Install wine, preferably a recent 3.x version of
wine-staging, from wineHQ.
If you install all your vsts to the same folder, they will
be easier to keep track of, and rescan, if needed.
Most windows plugin installers have browse options
to choose a custom location. No big deal if an odd duck
gets bossy about it's destination folder.

linvst wrapper (link below)
includes a linvstconverttree version, that will recursively find plugins all in one go, handy when a dev has chosen to nest
the actual .dll file. But don't try it on the whole
Program Files folder! I like putting plugins in

and .vst

From the linvst binary archive contents, I place
in both /home/me and /usr/bin

and in just /usr/bin,


You can start linvstconvert or linvstconverttree version in
a terminal, and the semi-self-explanatory gui opens

1. click the topmost button, labeled 'none', a browser opens,
scroll down to and select your linvst.so

2. click the next button down, should be labeled according to
your username. In this browser, scroll down the list
to the bottom, and select 'other',
then browse to the folder of vsts, that you want to convert.

3. click the bottom button, 'Start'. The plugins are then wrapped,
and faster than you can doubleclick.

Now add your vst folder to reaper's plugin path,
and restart it, or do a clear-cache-rescan etc.
Easy money!

There are quite a few technicalities covered in the readme's
along with the apps.

some deb-ubuntu binaries are here, so no compiling
is needed:



Tone2 Firebird is a good vsti to test,
scroll down at


used to be commercial, free now, and has several
.fxb soundbanks, and a randomizer.
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Default Thank you

Thanks I'll check it out!
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