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Default TranzPort::Improved jog/scrub in 2.4pre4

v2.4pre4 - July 1 2008
+ scrub behavior fixes, better mcu/tranzport/alphatrack support

I've noticed the improved scrub support in my wireless TranzPort DAW controller. The new behavior makes more sense and works well with the jog wheel where I can easily adjust the speed of the scrub. I also like the way of selecting the behavior of my jog wheel. If I have no TCP tracks selected it acts like a traditional jog wheel and moves the Edit line forward/backward. If I select one or more tracks on the TCP it turns into a scrub wheel for the selected tracks.

I don't get any of the leftover audio artifacts, as I did in pre3 anymore either (If I stopped scrubbing or changed tracks the scrubbed audio would sometimes continue to play).

Nice improvement REAPER team!

Billy Buck
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Scrubbing with the alphatrack in the latest pre gives an flutter effect, like you are playing back with a badly out of shape pinchwheel (remember pinchwheels?).
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