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Default Varying pitch-shifting script

Hi everyone !

I have been searching/trying around with pitch-shifting vocal tracks in Reaper before down-mixing/post-processing (in the end I analyze the down-mix in mono 22.05k, it is for training machine learning algorithms but all that comes after the pitch-shifting is independent to it).

First I looked at the "batch file/item converter" module, I use "Elastique 3.14 Pro" with "Preserve Formants (Most Pitches)" in mono 44.1k from Reapitch VST in the FX chain. This gives satisfying results in the range +-6 semitones ; which corresponds to the setting "Shift (full range)".

Now what I need to do is to use the same batch processing but have pre-defined parameters for each track : time segments and corresponding values of shift.

For example, I have a list of 50 tracks ; in advance I create time segments to divide them in 6 approximately equal parts and I assign to each a random value of semitone shift between -6 and +6.

To process this specific pitch-shifting, the "batch file/item converter" module is too basic. Is it something that can be done with Reascript ?

I read about it and I am familiar with Python. I can provide to Reaper the track list, the corresponding time segments and shifts to be applied.

But I didn't find any indications on calling Elastique in Reascript ... anyone did it ?

If yes, I would be very grateful to see an example or some syntax about how to load track and apply pitch-shifting with pre-defined parameters.

If shifting time-segments independently is too complex, I can also already cut the tracks into separated sub-tracks (and concatenate later). Then it would be only applying Elastique to each full sub-track with a shift defined in a list ... Anyone can help me with it ?

Thanks in advance !
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This might be something you could do in the arrange window (albeit with a slight bit of manual work) by splitting up the tracks into the right categories, adding the pitch shifter and then using reaper's render window to "render selected items". You can even keep the same name and also tell it which folder to go into (based on the track name) by using something like this as the filename


I might have misunderstood though but that might be a "halfway house" in terms of automating it for now
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